Jo Ely: How The Writers’ Workshop helped ‘Stone Seeds’

The writers workshop

I wrote the first draft fast, at the bottom of my garden, hidden behind an overgrown hedge, large crows’ nest to the left and above me. The birds would caw with disapproval. I could hear trains rattling toward me and away. It was far from romantic, although … sometimes, at dusk a fox would shake the hedge behind me, passing through. It was mid-winter and freezing. But I loved it out there.

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Jo Ely

Described as "an intelligent, creative, imaginative, original writer" by Guardian Book of the Year author Trevor Byrne, Jo Ely has been Shortlisted for the Fish International Short Story Prize and has had a short story selected for an anthology edited by New York Times Notable Book of the Year author Sandra Tyler (Woven Tale Press, US ed. 2016). Jo has published short stories, children's books and written interviews with writers for the Woven Tale Press. She also reviews for the world's first online Empathy Library. 'Stone Seeds' is Jo's first novel, published by Urbane Publications (Amazon.co.uk).

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