Jo Ely

Paul McVeigh Interview

JO: Mickey, the chief protagonist of your novel, seems hemmed in on every side...
19th Oct 18

Paul McVeigh – The Good Son

Young Mickey Donnelly is growing up in a trap. Hemmed in by the No...
9th Oct 18

Rose McGinty Interview

This conversation with the stunningly talented debut novelist Rose McGinty started out as a...
2nd Aug 18

‘The Ice Migration’, by Jacqueline Crooks, published by Peepal Tree Press, June 2018

‘The Ice Migration’, by Jacqueline Crooks, published by Peepal Tree Press, June 2018 Crooks’...
6th Jul 18

Interview: Poetry in a New America

Ely: In this era of political upheaval, we’re seeing a proliferation of poetry events,...
21st Aug 17
CM Taylor

Writer Interview: CM Taylor

CM Taylor is a literary, science fiction, and dystopian novelist who has published under...
11th Apr 17
Interview with Mark Miles

Writer Interview: Mark Mayes

A Multi-Genre Writer and His First Book Mark Mayes has been published in numerous...
28th Feb 17
Selena Gooden


Performance-poetry-sold-as-album is a natural extension of the thriving contemporary poetry scene, in which poets...
17th Oct 16
Indie Publisher Matthew Smith

Writing and book marketing tips, from a successful indie publisher

Interview by Press literary editor, Jo Ely Matthew Smith has spent the last 25...
12th Sep 16
alan mcmonagle

Check out my interview with writer Alan McMonagle for The Woven Tale Press

Interview by Press Literary Editor Jo Ely, with  Alan McMonagle of alanMcmonagle.com. Read his...
12th Sep 16
David Gaffney

Writer David Gaffney talks lizard giblets and sacked Mikes in this recent Woven Tale Press interview with me

David Gaffney comes from Cleator Moor in West Cumbria and now lives in Manchester. The...
12th Sep 16
Stone Seeds by Jo Ely

Where ‘Stone Seeds’ came from …

If truly committed, one can always find time to write–poet Salena Godden gets up...
2nd Aug 16
Ruby Speechley Guest post

Jo Ely: My Life in Books

Welcome to Jo Ely, author of Stone Seeds. Thanks so much for inviting me...
12th Jul 16
The writers workshop

Jo Ely: How The Writers’ Workshop helped ‘Stone Seeds’

I’d had a couple of short stories published in magazines and one book anthology...
12th Jul 16
Salena Godden

The Double Life of Salena Godden: Performer and Writer

Salena Godden is a performer, poet, short story writer, playwright and author. She’s appeared...
11th Jul 16
sophia blackwell

My interview with writer Sophia Blackwell, for Woven Tale Press

Sophia Blackwell was born in Newcastle. She read English at Oxford, where she started...
11th Jul 16

Migrations, Music and Empathy: an interview with writer Jacqueline Crooks, by Jo Ely, for The Woven Tale Press

Short-story author and novelist Jacqueline Crooks Short-story author and novelist Jacqueline Crooks discusses themes...
9th Jul 16

Interview with poet Eleanor Hooker, by Jo Ely for The Woven Tale Press

Her Poetry Collection | Flash Fiction | & Life Eleanor Hooker’s first poetry collection,...
8th Jul 16

“… send out your small, brave light

If I could be God for a day, better still the Minister for Education,...
18th May 16
The Shadow Owner's Companion, by Eleanor Hooker (poetry)

The Shadow Owner’s Companion, by Eleanor Hooker (poetry)

Rescues are a theme running through Hooker’s poetry. In ‘Old Harry’, boating know-how and...
5th Apr 16
In This Light

‘In This Light,’ Melanie Rae Thon (short story collection)

In This Light Melanie Rae Thon (short story collection) A long dead slave who...
27th Sep 15
Blue Glass

‘Blue Glass,’ Sandra Tyler (novel)

In ‘Blue Glass’, writer Sandra Tyler reframes parenthood as a problem of holding on...
21st Sep 15

‘Talking Heads,’ documentary film-short, Kieslowski

Kieslowski’s short 1980 film documentary ‘Talking Heads’, made for Polish State TV, takes people...
21st Sep 15

‘The Office/Urzad’, documentary film-short by Kieslowski

Urzad Kieslowski 1966 Set in a Polish state aid office in 1966, Urzad is...
21st Sep 15

‘Empathy: A handbook for revolution,’ Roman Krznaric (non-fiction)

The premise of ‘Empathy’ is interesting and has been the subject of much debate:...
21st Sep 15

Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’ (film, sci-fi)

Sci-fi and Dystopian fiction has enormous potential to undermine stereotypes and get young people...
18th Sep 14
dekalog one

Dekalog: One, short film, Director: Kieslowski

Machines will have personalities, a father tells his students and his young son who’s...
17th Sep 14
To much happiness

Too Much Happiness, short story collection, Alice Munro

‘Dimensions,’ is a complex, disturbing and extraordinary short story buried in the middle of...
14th Sep 14
The Secret garden

The Secret Garden, children’s novel, Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary is the newly orphaned daughter of absentee colonial parents. She has been used...
11th Sep 14
The Road

The Road, novel, Cormac McCarthy

In ‘The Road’, Cormac McCarthy depicts a bleak ruined world in which only the...
10th Sep 14

A history of bombing

Lindqvist has amassed a body of evidence in this enlightening history of bombing warfare,...
25th Apr 14

Elmore Leonard and a barstool

Someone told me to work ‘market positioning’ into the pitch for my novel. I...
25th Apr 14
The Silence Seeker

‘The Silence Seekers,’ by Ben Morley and Carl Pearce (picture book)

Two children begin a restrained friendship, conducted on the steps outside their block of...
25th Apr 14
The Sunset Limited

‘The Sunset Limited,’ Cormac McCarthy (a novel in dramatic form)

Cormac McCarthy’s playscript-novella opens with a scene at a train station. A troubled man,...
25th Apr 14
Mina Tannenbaum

‘Mina Tannenbaum,’ writer/director Martine Dugowson (film)

Ostensibly this is a film about the friendship between two women, but for me...
25th Apr 14
Willy and Hugh
25th Apr 14
Faukners Typewriter

‘Barn Burning’, William Faulkner (short story)

A story about dictatorship, in this case one which occurs within the family, and...
25th Apr 14
Wide Sargasso Sea

‘Wide Sargasso Sea’, Jean Rhys

Spoiler alert throughout: Rhys retells the classic Jane Eyre, from the point of view...
25th Apr 14
Dance of Happy Shades

‘Dance of the Happy Shades’, Alice Munro (short story)

In which an elderly woman, a music teacher, invites her unwilling students to give...
25th Apr 14

‘The Arrival’, Shaun Tan (picture book)

With touching detail, Shaun Tan tells the story of a migrant family, seeking refuge...
23rd Apr 14

‘A short film about killing,’ Krzysztof Kieslowski

Kieslowski's film opens with a scene of brutal inhumanity. It's not 'Horror' and it's...
23rd Apr 14