Stone Seeds by Jo Ely

"Ely's fictional voice resonates with raw emotion, and her writing is as tactile as the damp walls and the crack in the ceiling of Antek's cell. The simplest description can be imbued with a complexity of feeling and meaning. Her characters seem rendered with great tenderness, a tenderness that can only inspire in the reader empathy and affection."

New York Times Notable Author, Sandra Tyler

"An intelligent, creative, imaginative, original writer."

Guardian Book of the Year Author, Trevor Byrne

"Jo Ely's superb debut novel combines the vision of Russell Hoban and Ursula Le Guin with her own unique talents as a powerful and poetic storyteller."

Oprah endorsed writer Roman Krznaric, bestselling author of Empathy and The Wonderbox

"Very talented"

British Science Fiction Association Best Book of the Year nominee, CM Taylor

"The cinematic effect is remarkable ... a wild emotional ride through a maze of plot twists and jaw dropping landscapes. A truly enjoyable read."

Independent Publishers Book Awards USA Gold Medal Award Winner, Andrew Smith (Edith's War)

"There are images and scenes in this novel that will probably stay with me always, much as if I had dreamt them ... The writing is starkly poetic, haunting, skilfully fractured. Jo Ely certainly knows how to manifest a sense of the uncanny ..."

Mark Mayes, shortlisted for the Bridport prize, broadcast on BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, & author of forthcoming novel 'The Gift Maker'

Stone Seeds has five stars on writer Salena Godden's goodreads page

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Stone Seeds longlisted for The Guardian's Not The Booker Prize


Stone Seeds Longlisted



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 Young Women's Writing Project at Hounslow Action for Youth / Arts Council


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Jo Ely's two non-fiction children's books are Festivals (published by Addison Wesley Longman) and Art for Everyone (published by Collins Ed). Jo's also written read-aloud stories for the classroom: The Gurus Cloak, Siddhartha, and The Exodus (Living Religions, pub'd by Thomas Nelson ITP).

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